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HB 155 funds full-day kindergarten

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HB 155 increases the amount of funding available for kindergarten students by altering the education funding formula. The bill removes the provision that kindergarten students are funded at half the rate of other students. 

Sponsors: David Luneau (Merr-10), Mary Gile (Merr-27), Robert Elliott (Rock-08), Mel Myler (Merr-10), Mary Heath (Hill-14), Wallner (Merr-10), Murotake (Hills-32) Dan Feltes (Sen. Dist. 15)

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  1. […] Since HB 155–the bill that funds full-day kindergarten–was introduced this session, legislators from both chambers have spoken out regarding full-day kindergarten programs. Senator David Watters (D-Dist. 4) recently told Seacoast Online that one of his biggest priorities in 2017 is to expand access to full-day kindergarten.  Senator Dan Feltes (D-Dist. 15), one of the bill’s sponsors, advocated for funding full-day programs on NHPR’s The Exchange, saying it was “only fair.” But others have concerns: Senator John Reagan (R-Dist. 17) thinks that even if the state funds kindergarten like it does other grades, it would still leave districts with a large bill to cover other costs. […]


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