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Senate passes SB 193, creating education savings accounts for students

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The Senate passed SB 193 on Thursday in a 14-9 vote. 

The bill creates education savings accounts for all students ages 5-20. Under the bill, 90% of the adequacy funding (approximately $3,600) would be placed in an independently managed scholarship fund for the student. Parents or guardians could then use those funds to pay for private school tuition, homeschooling expenses, and other academic expenses.

The bill now goes to the House Education Committee.



  1. Margaret A. Campbell says:

    SB 193 is a bad idea. Public schools benefit everyone; vouchers divide our communities. Let’s work together to educate our children.


    • JMCollins says:

      They do not benefit everyone. Our kids are not one size fits all. School choice allows parents to decide for their child, what is best. They are the ones who know their children best, and will be with them throughout their life, not for one year. Accepting that we are all individuals and respecting that brings unity to a community.


      • A friend says:

        Choice may benefit some children but it would be too easy – a mistake, really – to characterize New Hampshire district schools as “one size fits all.” In our next generation schools, lectures are replaced with personalization. And parents and tax payers don’t even need to build additional school systems!


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