Important Hearings on January 29 Regarding Education Funding

The House Education Committee and House Ways and Means Committee will hold several important public hearings on Tuesday, January 29 on how we should fund our public schools.

Reaching Higher NH will be livestreaming the hearings marked with an asterisk on Facebook, and will post video clips of those not livestreamed.


House Ways & Means Committee (LOB 202)

*10:00 AM: HB 686-FN-A-L, relative to calculating and funding the interim cost of an opportunity for an adequate education and extending the interest and dividends tax to capital gains.

*11:00 AM: HB 676-FN-A-L, repealing the collection of the state education property tax.

Senate Education & Workforce Development (LOB 103)

10:15 AM: SB 196, relative to non-academic surveys administered by a public school to its students.

10:45 AM: SB 65, relative to the start of the school year.

11:00 AM: SB 108, relative to eligibility for the governor’s scholarship program.

House Education Committee (LOB 210-211)

*1:00 PM: HB 678-FN, relative to state funding of the cost of an opportunity for an adequate education for all New Hampshire students.

*1:30 PM: HB 713-FN-L, relative to education funding.

*2:15 PM: HB 711-FN-L, relative to funding an adequate education.

*3:00 PM: HB 709-FN-A-L, relative to the formula for determining funding for an adequate education.


House Education Committee (HB 207), starting at 10 AM

These hearings are open to the public, and committee members encourage input from community members throughout the state. There are many ways to make your voice heard:

  • Attend a hearing in person and testify. If you choose to do this, keep a few things in mind: you have three minutes to speak, and you MUST fill out a pink card at the beginning of the hearing. Note that your comments are public record–anyone who records the hearing (including Reaching Higher NH!) can use the information publicly, including by quoting you in articles and news stories. You can leave after your testimony, but you’re welcome to stay!
  • Attend a hearing in person and mark your support or opposition to the bill. You don’t have to speak! You can just record your name and whether you support or oppose the bill. These are tallied at the end of the hearing and marked in the public record.
  • Send your written testimony. You can email committee members your testimony. It won’t be read aloud during the hearing, but all members will get a copy, and it will become a part of the public record. Remember to note the bill number about which you’re writing, your name, and your town. Committee email lists are included below.

Check out the first three parts of our five-part series breaking down education funding in New Hampshire and stay tuned to learn more about how we are paying for school in New Hampshire:

Have questions? Contact us at!

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