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SB 46 allows students to attend cocurricular activities in other districts

SB 46 requires a school district to allow a student to attend cocurricular activities in another district, provided the activities aren’t provided by his or her home district.  (more…)

HB 174 removes court jurisdiction over education statutes and funding

HB 174 eliminates New Hampshire Court jurisdiction over adequate education statutes and funding. The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the state has a constitutional obligation to provide an adequate education to all New Hampshire students through several cases known as the Claremont decisions. This bill would retract those rulings and give the General Court the final say on public education funding.  (more…)

HB 270 establishes a committee to study suspensions and expulsions

HB 270  establishes a committee to study suspensions and expulsions of students in middle and high schools. The committee would study disciplinary actions against students as well as “laddered discipline” and positive behavioral intervention and supports (PBIS) by New Hampshire schools.   (more…)

HB 233 requires schools to submit emergency response plans to the DOE

HB 233 requires every public and nonpublic school to submit it’s emergency response plan to the Department of Education annually.  (more…)

SB 45 requires a course in civics for high school graduation

SB 45 requires all students take a half-year civics course in high school in order to graduate.  (more…)

HB 276 allows parental opt-out from statewide assessment

HB 276 allows parents or legal guardians to opt their children out of the annual statewide assessment. It prevents both the Department of Education and the State Board of Education from penalizing districts for lower participation rates. (more…)

HB 275 prohibits the inclusion of assessment results in a student’s transcript without consent

HB 275 prohibits statewide assessment results from being included in student transcripts without parental consent. In 2016, many schools began using the College Board SAT or ACT to satisfy the statewide assessment requirement for high school. (more…)

HB 395 removes homeschooling from SBOE authority

HB 395 gives the Home Education Advisory Council complete authority over homeschooling programs.  (more…)

HB 341 repeals property tax exemptions for charter schools

HB 341 repeals the property tax exemption for charter schools.  (more…)

HB 271 requires the DOE to collect and publish data on suspensions and expulsions

HB 271 requires the DOE to collect and publish on the DOE website data related to suspensions and expulsions of students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  The report must include gender, age, special education status, school and school district, and reason for suspension.  (more…)

HB 396 limits the ability of the state to collect student data

HB 396 limits the ability of the Department of Education to collect and analyze student data. It also gives students over 18 years of age and parents the right to restrict the sharing of assessment results with anyone outside of the student’s district. (more…)

HB 113 allows the denial of charter school application based on availability of state funding

HB 113 removes the provision that prohibits the State Board of Education from citing a lack of state funding as the reason for denial of a public charter school application.  (more…)

HB 226 requires stricter reporting for non-proficient readers

HB 226 requires districts prove that they’ve implemented a reading improvement program to the Department of Education for third graders deemed not proficient in reading. They must report on the program annually and provide annual test scores for every student in the program.  (more…)

HB 304 requires school boards to adopt minimum alternative standards

HB 304 requires school boards to adopt academic standards that meet or exceed the standards adopted by the State Board of Education.  (more…)

HB 356 increases education adequacy funding

HB 356 increases the per-student base adequacy funding from $3,561.27 per student to $3,591.27.  (more…)

HB 354 awards additional adequacy funding to certain towns

HB 354 awards an additional $9 million in adequacy to certain towns for the 2015-2016 school year.  (more…)

HB 297 repeals the education tax credit program

HB 297 repeals the education tax credit program. (more…)

HB 148 requires charter school teachers to be credentialed

HB 148 requires teachers at chartered public schools to hold a valid New Hampshire teaching credential. (more…)

HB 293 sets requirements for charter school application mission statements

HB 293 requires charter school applicants to submit clear mission statements with their applications. Mission statements must include details of the specific purpose and goals of the school and must address a current, unmet need in the school district. (more…)

HB 147 requires charter schools to comply with laws governing public schools

HB 147 requires chartered public schools to comply with all state laws and rules that apply to public schools.  (more…)